High Purity Spherical Graphite C Powder CAS 7782-42-5, 99.9%

Spherical graphite can also be called battery grade graphite. It's made of graphiteoreflake and graphite. This is the primary electrode material of lithium-ion, and all other kinds of batteries. Purity>99.98%. The particle size is 8.5 Micron

About Graphite pulver Graphite pulver Graphite pulver can also be called SPG, -grade Graphite. To make lithium-ion aodes, you can use this product. Flake graphite concentrate contains a 99.95% purity. You can find a variety of particle sizes, from 10 to 25 microns.
It is well-known for its high electric conductivity, crystallinity, and low prices. This graphite is perfect because it has a high theoretical lithium insert potential and low charge-discharge possibility. It is vital for production of lithium-ion cell. It is durable and very environmentally-friendly. The cost of artificial anodes can be reduced by up to 20-30% using Spherical graphite.

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specifications of spherical graphite (CAS 27822-45-2

Spherical graphitepulp 99.9% purity
Spherical graphite (APS), 8mm It can be altered.
0.021% sphere graphite dust Ash
H2O Spherical graphite powder H2O 0.08%

Spherical graphite Powder, S Content 62ppm

In the sphere graphite–powder, 19.4 ppm Fe can be found

Cl content of sphere Graphite Powder: 30ppm

Spherical graphite 11.79m2/g

Spherical graphite powder Tap density:0.831g / ml

PH of graphite dustsphere: 4.15
Spherical graphite - Pulp. Morphology
Black Powder Colour for Spherical graphite

Spherical characteristics of graphite:
Healthy living is possible

Extremely high energy densities

High compaction density

High quality synthetic graphite is only possible to be imported

How is SphericalGraphiteCPpulses made?
Graphite sphere have been sterilized and fine ground. This is the reason graphite spheres have become so well-known.
By grinding mechanically, flake graphite is possible to be made flat. Because of its circular form, LiB Anode can store more graphite particles. Graphite, which is round in shape, can hold more energy and have a higher charge capability.
Spheroidized Graphite is required to be cleaned in order to get rid of metal elements, such as SiO2, FeO2, or other. When it comes to purifying graphite, you have many options. Two options are available: active acid purification by Hydrofluoric Acids or thermal purification via high temperatures furnaces. Each technique has pros and disadvantages.
Water purification by active acid purification may be possible. This isn't reliable and safe. It uses thermal heating to purify the water. While it costs more than acid, thermal heating is much safer than the latter and causes minimal environmental impact.
After purification, purified sphere Graphite should be applied to the particles in order to improve their surface area. LiB companies use proprietary coating techniques.
Last, but certainly not least: The anode itself is pure spherical lite.

Sphericalgraphite - A mineral of high conductivity with high crystallinity, is an essential one. It plays an important role in the electrodes that are negative or positive for lithium-ion batteries. Material replacement products. It is highly electrically and chemicallyconductive. This material can help protect the environment as it is extremely cost-effective, has high charges-discharge potential, long lifespan, and low price. It's used to make high-end cylindrical lithiumion Polymer (or prismatic) batteries.

Wet reunions can negatively impact C powder's performance and usage. C powder should always be kept dry in cool and dry places in vacuum bags. It is important not to stress the powder.

Supply of spherical Graphite c pulver:
There are many packaging options depending on how much spherical Graphite Cr. powder you need.
Packaging of Spherical graphite powder C: Vacuum packaging. There are bags in 100g, 500g and 1kg sizes. 25kg/barrel. Additionally, we can request.
Shipment of sphere graphite/cpowder can be done by express, air, or sea.

Nanotechnology Co. Ltd. enjoys a solid reputation as a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of top-quality chemicals worldwide. You can also find graphite (boride), Graphite Nitride, and graphite Sulfide.
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SphericalGraphite Property

Some Other Titles Spherical graphite Pulverized, graphite dust
Combination Formula C
Motility 12.01
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 3652-3697 degC
Boiling Point 4200 degC
Density 1.8 g/cm3
Solubility N/A
Electrical Resistance N/A
Heating N/A
Tensile force 18 MPa
Thermal Conductivity 6.0 W/m-K
Thermal Expansion 4.9 um/m-K
Young’s Modular 21 GPA

Safety & Healthcare

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Privacy statement N/A
Transport Information N/A

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