Combined Cycle Power Station Is Connected To The Grid With Load in Saudi Arabia, The World's First Powder Station

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Saudi Arabia's Ajjizan 3850 MW power station project has successfully connected 12 turbines with a load to the grid for the first time. It is the world's largest combined-cycle power station project that has achieved a successful grid connection.

Jizan Power Station Project is the largest power plant project of Saudi Aramco, with a total installed capacity of 3850 MW, including five units, each unit is equipped with 2 Siemens gas turbines and generators, two waste heat boilers, and one steam turbine. Combined cycle technology is applied to generators and power stations, which are applicable to multiple standards such as Aramco, Siemens, and Saudi Grid. After completion, it will not only provide power to Jizan Economic Park but also supply 2,400 MW to the Saudi National Grid.

The project started in April 2015. It took five years. Chinese companies promoted the "integrated" construction of EPC projects, launched their new model, a new mechanism, and construction and tried to advance in accordance with Aramco's standards. The 12-turbine was successfully connected to the grid once. The average temperature of each combustion chamber of the gas turbine is about 500 °C, and the dispersion is 5 °C. The technical level is internationally leading.

The project has fully considered the principles of low carbon, environmental protection, and recycling, and fully considered environmental protection factors.

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