Deep groove ball bearings control the "life" of electric vehicles and also make important contributions to environmental protection

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As a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly means of transportation for people, electric vehicles are now almost called the most commonly used means of transportation. But in the course of using it, you will encounter various problems. Many times we will hear noise from electric cars and often don't know where the noise comes from. As the noise of an electric vehicle motor is generally a problem of bearings, of course, there are other reasons.

Deep groove ball bearings control the "life" of electric vehicles

Electric vehicle motor bearings, also known as motor bearings or motor bearings, are a special type of bearings specifically used in electric motors or motors. The bearing used by the motor is a part that supports the shaft. It can guide the rotation of the shaft and can also withstand the idling parts on the shaft. It is a special part for electric vehicle applications.

The most widely used bearing in electric vehicles is the 6200 2rs bearing. The deep groove ball bearing has a simple structure and is easy to achieve higher manufacturing accuracy than other types. It can be produced in large quantities and has a lower manufacturing cost. It is extremely common. Deep groove ball bearings are suitable for high-speed and even high-speed operation, and their durability is very high, so they do not need to be maintained often. This type of bearing has a small friction coefficient, high limiting speed, simple structure, low manufacturing cost, and easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy.

Deep groove ball bearings are often used in electric vehicles, and their structure is relatively simple. They are mainly used to bear radial loads. When the radial clearance of the bearing is increased, it will have a certain angular contact bearing. Performance, when the speed is relatively high, love should not be used when inferred ball bearings. Compared with other deep groove ball bearings, it has higher applicability to electric vehicles, its bearing friction coefficient is relatively small, and its limiting speed is very high. Its resistance to impact and heavy loads are its disadvantages. In short, electric vehicle bearings are relatively the best choice.