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Ternary Material, Can Become the King of New Energy Material?

wallpapers Howtos 2020-07-23

What is a Ternary Material

"Three yuan materials" refers to the three kinds of chemical components (elements), component (elemental and compound) or part (parts) of the material as a whole, including metal, inorganic non-metallic materials, organic materials, polymer composite materials, the capacity of the materials, the performance can be implemented to a certain extent, such as security, regulation of widely used in mineral extraction, metal smelting, materials processing, new energy and other industries.

Problems Faced by Ternary Materials

Although the ternary materials have good electrochemical performance, there are still many problems to be solved in practical application, such as the mixed discharge of lithium ions, the improvement of initial efficiency, the improvement of lithium ion diffusion coefficient and electronic conductivity. The main modification methods are ion doping and surface coating. The surface coating, proper doping ratio and uniform doping can make the structure of the material more stable and improve the cycling and thermal stability of the material. The principle of ion doping is that the output power of lithium ion battery is directly related to the electronic conductance and the ionic conductance of lithium ion in the material, so improving the electronic conductance and ionic conductance by different means is the key to improve the material. The surface coating is modified with metal oxide (Al2O3, ZnO, ZrO2, etc.) to mechanically separate the material from the electrolyte, reduce the side reaction between the material and the electrolyte, inhibit the dissolution of metal ions, and optimize the cycling performance of the material. At the same time, surface cladding can also reduce the collapse of material structure in the process of repeated charging and discharging, which is beneficial to the cycling performance of the material.

Safety of Ternary Materials

In fact, any kind of energy security is not safe, in fact, to see our control ability, the same is true for three batteries, now that the three batteries are not safe, just shows that we have not mastered how to control it. Battery safety, in addition to the material itself has a certain relationship, and we use the environment, battery management system, vehicle control system are directly related. Ternary material is a layered compound. The thermal stability after lithium removal is not ideal, and it is easy to cause oxygen loss and phase transition. And at 200℃ or so the material will decompose and heat will be out of control. How to enhance the security of the ternary material, simple said some of the more important: first of all, from the ternary material itself, alumina ceramic coating, to control the content of Ni in a reasonable scope, the second in cooperation with other materials and battery system will make great efforts to study, such as the electrolyte additive matching, the choice of the ceramic separation membrane, etc.