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The "Present" and "Future" of Fine Chemical Industry

wallpapers Howtos 2020-07-16

The Current Situation of Fine Industry in China

Fine chemical industry is a comprehensive and technology-intensive industry. In recent years, all countries in the world, especially industrialized countries, have taken the development of fine chemical products as one of the key development strategies for the upgrading and adjustment of traditional chemical industrial structure, and their chemical industry has been developing towards the direction of "diversification" and "refinement". Over the years, China has attached great importance to the development of the fine chemical industry, taking the fine chemical industry as one of the strategic priorities for the development of the chemical industry, which has been included in a number of national development plans and given preferential support from policies and funds. With the improvement of scientific research force and production capacity, fine industrial and Commercial Bank of China has been developed rapidly, and the rate of fine industry has been continuously improved. At present, fine chemical subdivision varieties are increasing day by day, its capacity, output, varieties and manufacturers are still growing. However, compared with the level of fineness in developed countries, China's fine chemical industry still has a large room for improvement. China's fine chemical industry has not formed a complete industry system, the refinement rate is low. At present, the refined rate in developed countries is basically 60%~70%, but there is still a big gap between China and this level. The variety of fine chemical products in China is also less, only about 20% of the global variety.

Future Development Direction of Demand Structure of Fine Chemical Industry

The general idea of the future development of fine chemical industry is to promote the adjustment of industrial structure and upgrading of products to promote China's fine chemical industry from a big country to a powerful country. According to the analysis of demand structure of fine chemical industry, intermediates are a very important type of fine chemical products, and they are essentially a kind of "semi-finished products". The downstream industries involved mainly focus on pharmaceuticals, pesticides and dyes, and pharmaceuticals and pesticides are the top two sub-industries of fine chemical industry, accounting for 69% and 10% respectively.

Prospect of Fine Chemical Industry Development

Due to the global economic slowdown, the chemical market demand support weakened. Global demand for chemicals will continue to grow in 2020, but at a slower pace. Moody's, the credit rating agency, sees slowing demand growth not only in North America and Europe but, more importantly, in China. The slowdown in China's commodity market is already evident and will trickle down the industrial chain, but profitability is expected to remain strong. In recent years, fine chemical industry has become the main profit source and economic growth point of the chemical industry, the global fine chemical industry still has room for development.