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The development of Laser industry in China from the perspective of chip

wallpapers Howtos 2020-07-24
Application of semiconductor laser chip
Laser has the characteristics of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromatism and high energy density. The laser industry based on semiconductor laser chip is developing rapidly all over the world. Now it has been widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, medical beauty, 3D sensing, military, cultural education and scientific research. High power semiconductor laser chip is the core component of laser industry all the time. It can be the pumping source of solid state laser and fiber laser, and can also be used to manufacture direct semiconductor laser. 

A huge market for semiconductor laser chips
From the perspective of application, high power processing and low power fine processing are the industry hot spots, the output value is equal. Whether it is a representative of high-power fiber laser, or now popular ULTRAVIOLET laser, femtosecond laser, etc., semiconductor laser chip has a huge demand. From the perspective of chip, in addition to the rapid growth in the current industrial processing field, we have noticed that the market of laser ranging radar and 3D sensing is also on the rise, and the market of laser medical beauty, laser display and laser lighting is also on the rise, which will bring great business opportunities to laser practitioners, especially chip manufacturers.
Future developments in laser technology
In the future, laser technology will develop towards higher power, better beam quality, shorter wavelength and faster frequency. For example, with the increasing energy density requirement of downstream laser equipment, device manufacturers need to continuously improve the performance of core components. In addition, the improvement of the power of fiber laser requires advanced laser modulation technologies such as beam combination and power synthesis, which will bring new requirements and challenges to the manufacturers of high-power laser chips. Both beam quality and output power are very important in both continuous and pulsed lasers. However, with the development of downstream applications, such as precision machining, ultra-fast laser in pulse laser has become the focus of research and layout of many enterprises.
Femtosecond laser and picosecond laser are the core of research and application. As a unique scientific research tool and means, femtosecond laser will be widely used in ultra-fast field, ultra-strong field (such as controlled nuclear fusion) and ultra-fine and precision machining. Different from femtosecond ultrafine and femtosecond ultra strong research, femtosecond laser ultrafine processing is closely related to advanced manufacturing technologies, which can play a more direct role in promoting the development of some key industrial production technologies. Femtosecond laser ultrafine machining (FEM tosecond laser) is a very attractive frontier research direction in laser technology. With the continuous development of femtosecond laser technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, femtosecond laser will have more applications.