Creating Chinese-Flavored Wines, The TasteRoom Produces Craft Beers, Fruit Wines and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

wallpapers Innovation 2020-08-06

Creating Chinese-Flavored Wines, The TasteRoom Produces Craft Beers, Fruit Wines and Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The New Wine Company "TasteRoom"

Young people tend to individualize their consumption, and this change in consumption concept is also driving the transformation of the wine industry. In the era of new wines, there are a growing number of varieties of wine such as craft beer, fruit wine, sake, and less popular flower wine. At the FBIF2020 Food and Beverage Innovation Forum, Pan talked about the design philosophy and business thinking of his new wine company, TasteRoom. Founded in 2016 and based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, TasteRoom has its own brewing plant in the qiandao Lake beer town, converted from an old boiler room at the Hangzhou Qiandao Lake Beer Co., LTD. The company's product line includes craft beers, fruit wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

Chinese style wine

In 2016, the novice Version of Osmanthus Wheat Ale (hereinafter referred to as "GUI") on TasteRoom is formulated with barley malt, wheat buds, a small amount of hops, a lot of scented osmanthus grade and Belgian wheat yeast, and the GUI has a more local flavor than the various imported craft products. "GUI" has a soft taste, full flavor of osmanthus, and moderate alcohol strength. The retail price of Youzan Mall is about 18 yuan per bottle, which is between the price band of industrial beer and imported craft beer. The GUI has also gradually become one of TasteRoom's biggest products, making consumers aware of TasteRoom, with sales increasing from more than 1 million in 2017 to nearly 10 million in 2019 and expected to break 10 million this year. TasteRoom is more experimental with its products, and founder Paul Pun believes that good craft brands need more things to lead and innovate with their products than just imitate them. This "GUI" with Chinese flavor has won the overall champion of free Style category of IBC Beer World Cup 2019 in Japan and the gold Medal of wheat category of CCBA China Craft Wine Awards 2019. After GUI slowly cracked the market, TasteRoom launched its juice Cypress collection in 2019, with the first three flavors -- pineapple passion fruit, lychee elderberry and nerazon peach. This year, it added a grapefruit lemon sea salt flavor that the founders described as "an alcoholic bubble enhancing mineral power." Mr. Pan said the juice Cider series may compete with fruity precursors such as RIO, but fruity precursors are made with a slightly better flavor layer, and Chinese people may also be more comfortable with the original. In terms of price, the TasteRoom line of juice sitters is one notch more expensive than RIO, priced between 13.8 yuan and 15 yuan in convenience stores.

Sales approach

The channels of TasteRoom are mainly offline, mainly through distributors covering bars in Hangzhou, Shanghai and surrounding Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, etc. "GUI" launched convenience store channels such as Familymart and Rosen in East China in May this year. In addition, new retail channels such as Hema Xiansheng also sell the company's products. Although TasteRoom channel is given priority to with offline, but both craft and XiangShouXing wine consumption habits, still need to education market, because in the online TasteRoom also cover the official WeChat public platform, Tmall supermarket, netease strictly selected, and the content of life class boutique electric company, to mention of the company's long-term development direction, Pan Guanming said, more hope to become a product company, to create appropriate Chinese scene of Chinese wine products.