Photovoltaic Glass Monopoly Pattern Has been Formed

wallpapers Innovation 2020-07-17

The role of photovoltaic glass in photovoltaic industry

Photovoltaic glass is located in the middle of Photovoltaic industry chain. Due to poor mechanical strength of crystalline silicon cells, and its electrode is very susceptible to oxidation and corrosion of the moisture in the air and corrosive gas and its application in the outdoor environment is greatly limited, so usually use photovoltaic glass and back through the EVA film cell seal in the middle, so can protect cells from oxidation and corrosion of water, oxygen and other gas.

Production Process of Photovoltaic Glass

The photovoltaic glass production process is divided into two stages. The first stage is the original film production stage. Firstly, the raw materials such as quartz sand, soda ash, limestone, alumina and glauber's salt are weighed and mixed evenly in proportion. Then the mixed raw materials are added to the kiln and heated to above 1500℃ to melt and clarify to obtain the glass liquid. The glass is then hydraulically extended to form the glass ribbon.  After that, the hot glass plate is calendered and formed in an annealing furnace to meet the cutting requirements by heat preservation and slow cooling. Finally, longitudinal and transverse cutting machines are used to cut the glass as needed, and transverse breaking machines are used to break the glass along the transverse stress line. If the quality control is qualified, the first stage will be completed. The second stage is the deep processing stage. First of all, the edge grinding and safety chamfering are carried out on the glass. After cleaning, the drum film coater is used to evenly coat the coating liquid on the glass, and then put it into the tempering furnace, forming compressive stress on the surface of the glass and tensile stress in the interior through rapid heat and rapid cooling, so as to achieve the purpose of toughening.

Domestic Manufacturers Become the Main Force of Global Supply

After 2006, China's manufacturers entered the photovoltaic glass industry. Both from the international and domestic point of view, the photovoltaic glass industry market concentration is very high. Globally, about 80% of the photovoltaic cell modules in the world are made of photovoltaic glass made in China. Domestic manufacturers lead the world.As domestic manufacturers of technology import and research and development, gradually break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the photovoltaic glass industry, domestic manufacturers make full use of domestic cost advantage at the same time, the reverse of the photovoltaic glass imports, achieve the change from dependence on imported to replace imported, as of 2019, China has become the biggest exporter of photovoltaic glass, production proportion reaches more than 90% of the world.