Semiconductor Industry Pattern and Localization Thinking

wallpapers Innovation 2020-07-30

The Key Cornerstone of the Semiconductor Industry Chain

Silicon wafer is the starting point of the semiconductor industry chain and the most upstream of the industry. It runs through the front and back processes of the entire chip manufacturing. Without the wafer, the semiconductor industry will be like a fountain without water. The output and quality of silicon wafers directly restrict the development of the entire semiconductor industry and downstream communications, automobiles, computers, and many other industries, and are key materials for manufacturing chips. The quality of the silicon wafer will directly affect the quality and efficiency of the finished chip.

The long-term Trend of Silicon Wafer as the Mainstream Material Remains Unchanged

Semiconductor technology upgrades, a new generation of compound materials and silicon-based coexistence and symbiosis. Silicon semiconductors are used in logic devices, memory, discrete devices and other fields; compound semiconductors have great development potential in radio frequency devices, optoelectronic devices, and power devices. The new generation of compound materials generally use silicon as the substrate (except for silicon carbide, which is generally also used as a substrate material); silicon and compound materials are coexistent and symbiotic. Compound epitaxial wafers grown on silicon-based substrates are used in optoelectronics and radio frequency. Power and other devices with high frequency, high voltage and high power characteristics. Under the technological innovation of the next ten years, silicon materials will maintain the status of mainstream semiconductor materials and develop toward two paths of independent silicon materials and silicon substrate compounds. Even with the introduction of 5G/AI and other technologies, silicon substrate compounds will also It can meet the needs of radio frequency chips and power devices for high frequency, high voltage and high power, and it has more economic benefits.

Long-term Optimistic About the Domestic Market

5G/AI kicks off the fourth industrial innovation, and the amount of cloud computing data and the demand for terminal electronic products have increased significantly. According to SEMI data, the silicon wafer industry will regain growth in 2020. The trend of shifting global semiconductor manufacturing centers to China remains unchanged, and the accelerated expansion of chip production capacity in mainland China will continue to promote the growth of the Chinese mainland silicon wafer market faster than the global scale. The National Big Fund focuses on supporting semiconductor materials and incentivizing domestic chip manufacturers to adopt domestic silicon wafers. The National Big Fund will strengthen the upstream and downstream integration between the companies invested by the fund, accelerate the process of semiconductor materials from "verification" to bulk procurement, and strive for more market opportunities for local equipment and materials companies, which is expected to enable domestic manufacturing companies to increase the proportion of domestic materials verification and procurement , Provide process verification conditions for more domestic materials and expand the scale of procurement.