South Korea Is Hard To Find A Mask, Nano Silver Can Make Your Mask Reusable

wallpapers Innovation 2020-03-06

The South Korean government held an interim state conference on the 5th to finalize a plan to ensure a stable supply of masks. According to the project, the supply of masks at designated sales offices such as pharmacies, post offices, and Nonghyup supermarkets will double, and ID cards will be required to purchase masks next week. Each person can only buy two masks per week.

On the same day, the government revised the emergency mask adjustment measures to increase the official compulsory supply ratio in the country ’s output from the current 50% to 80% and banned the export of masks. At the same time, it expanded the production of masks and will increase the daily output of masks from 10 million Expanded to 14 million. As a result, the daily supply of masks at pharmacies, post offices, and Nonghyup supermarkets is expected to increase from the current 5 million to 11.2 million.

In order to prevent repeated purchases at pharmacies, post offices, and Nonghyup supermarkets, the government will establish an identity verification system where the point of sale confirms the purchaser's identity card and purchase record, with a limit of two per person per week.

From next week, masks will be implemented with a purchase restriction system based on the year of birth, which is based on the end of the year of birth. On Mondays, the number of purchases is between 1 and 6, and on Tuesdays, 2 and 7, Wednesday and 3, Thursday, 4 and 9, Friday The limit is 5 and 0, and the weekend is unlimited. In principle, I am required to hold a valid ID such as an ID card or passport to purchase it in person, and do not allow others to buy it on behalf.

There is the same situation in China. During the epidemic, it is difficult to buy masks. Now that China has the innovative technology, the antibacterial technology of nano-silver can allow ordinary medical masks to be used repeatedly.

The mask is produced by using nano-patent technology, which overcomes the problems of nano-silver agglomeration and easy oxidation, further stabilizes the process, upgrades the formula, and applies for a new invention patent. The mask uses a four-layer structure. The most important thing is to add a layer of non-woven fabric made by nanotechnology with independent intellectual property rights.

When the reusable medical care mask is not worn, consumers can leave it in a ventilated place to dry and continue to use the next day, or use the hot air of a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes and continue to use it. It can be used for seven days if you wear it for 8 hours a day.

“Trunnano supply the nano colloidal silver has excellent antibacterial properties, which can help to produce more continuous use maskes.” Professor Wang from Trunnano said.

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