The Development Prospects of Smart Agriculture

wallpapers Innovation 2020-07-29

Smart Agriculture Industry Chain

Smart agriculture is the fundamental way out for agriculture. It is the "ecological integration" and "gene recombination" of modern information technology and the entire industrial chain of agricultural production, operation, management, and service. It can completely upgrade the traditional pre-production, mid-production, and post-production links. The agricultural industry chain improves efficiency and changes the industrial structure. It can be said that smart agriculture takes smart production as the core, and the smart industry chain provides information service support for it.

The Smart Agriculture Market has Huge Potential

The application of modern information technology to improve the intelligent level of agricultural machinery and equipment is an important means to implement smart agriculture, realize the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomy, and improve the quality and efficiency of agricultural development. In recent years, various parts of our country have conducted beneficial explorations on the application of the Internet of Things, big data, intelligent control, and satellite navigation and positioning in agricultural machinery equipment and agricultural machinery operations. Many successful cases have emerged in field precision operations, facility agriculture smart management, livestock and poultry smart breeding, etc.

Three Development Directions of Intelligent Agriculture

From artificial to intelligent, in the process of planting and breeding production, get rid of human dependence, build an agricultural production automation system and platform that integrates environmental physiological monitoring, crop model analysis and precise adjustment, and improve agricultural production technology according to natural ecological conditions to carry out agricultural products Differentiated production; Highlight personalized and differentiated marketing methods. The application of technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing breaks the spatial and temporal geographic restrictions of the agricultural market. Data such as agricultural material procurement and agricultural product circulation will be monitored and transmitted in real time, effectively solving the problem of information asymmetry. In recent years, there has been an upsurge of agricultural leisure tourism and farmhouse entertainment in various places, aiming to promote and sell leisure tourism products through websites, online publicity and other channels, and provide tourists with personalized tourism services, becoming a new way for farmers to increase income and a new format of rural economy; Provide accurate, dynamic and scientific all-round information services. Information services for “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” disseminate advanced agricultural science and technology knowledge, production management information, and agricultural science and technology consulting services for agricultural operators, and guide leading enterprises, agricultural cooperatives and farmers to manage their own agricultural production systems and marketing activities, and improve The level of agricultural production management decision-making, strengthen the market's ability to resist risks, save costs, increase efficiency, and increase returns.
China is a big country in the production, consumption and trade of agricultural products. The upgrading of the production and operation mode of agricultural products, agricultural production, modern circulation and urban market are increasingly closely linked. Therefore, the development of smart agriculture will also promote the development of China's agriculture once again.