The New "Web Celebrity" Under the New Infrastructure -- Big Data Center

wallpapers Innovation 2020-07-22

The Difference Between New Infrastructure and Traditional Infrastructure

Compared with traditional infrastructure that focuses on "construction", such as railway, road, airport and bridge construction;  Focuses on new infrastructure is to "use", from the science and technology, mainly includes seven major areas: 5G, large data centers, artificial intelligence, four big industrial Internet technology promoting consumption upgrading and business intelligence innovation, as well as the three major new energy auto industry scene charging pile, inter-city highways and inter-city rail transit. The new infrastructure construction not only expands the traditional infrastructure construction, but also takes into account the dual tasks of "stabilizing growth" and "promoting innovation". New infrastructure not only ensure the traditional continuous construction of infrastructure, it's more important is to be able to use 5 g, industry, the Internet, the Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence digital technology to "make up" the traditional construction, realize the digital infrastructure, so as to realize the upgrading of traditional construction, at the same time also can be used as a digital infrastructure technology output ability, improve the overall competitiveness of the cities in the country.

Why are Big Data Centers Called "Web Celebrity?

The accelerated construction of 5G, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence will generate massive data and applications, while the combination of intercity railway and new energy vehicle charging piles with digital technology will also generate a large amount of data. The processing and analysis of these massive data cannot be separated from the support of big data centers. Big data center arguably, the basis of new infrastructure. As the center of data collection, processing and interaction, big data center directly determines the core competitiveness of enterprises. The acceleration of 5G, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence will bring about a jump in the number of new applications from thousands to tens of thousands to millions. If the previous manual application management is used, the results are unimaginable, only automated application management is the wisest choice.

Data Liquidity Becomes "Key" to Business Competitiveness

In the wave of new infrastructure, data is comparable to gold, and the management and liquidity of data directly determine the business competitiveness of enterprises. Under the blessing of the new infrastructure, 5G high-speed transmission, huge amounts of iot perception layer produce huge amounts of data, the Internet industry in the "Internet" all things, by the amount of data that will be one hundred times, one thousand times, the growth of enterprises not only need to be able to cross the core, the edge and unified, automatic and intelligent data storage, also can through the cloud and cloud data under the unified management and real-time analysis, to maximize the release data value, converting the data from the "cost" to "profit". The strategy of integrating stock and incremental development of new infrastructure has accelerated the integration of new infrastructure and traditional infrastructure, and fostered and expanded new industrial space while promoting a new round of upgrading and upgrading of traditional infrastructure.