Vigorously Develop New Energy Sources to Ensure National Energy Security

wallpapers Innovation 2020-08-06

The Power Supply Security of Large Power Grids Faces Many Uncertain Factors and Potential Threats are Huge

In the past four decades, China’s energy supply has mainly relied on coal-based fossil fuel direct combustion power generation and large-scale power grid supply. For this reason, China has built a large-scale centralized power generation and long-distance power transmission and power supply network to promote social development. And made a great contribution to building a well-off society in an all-round way. However, the terminal power consumption is highly dependent on the power supply mode of the large power grid. There are many hidden security risks. Especially in the current situation of tension between China and the United States and the complex and changeable factors surrounding China's territory, security issues are more prominent: grid damage, network intrusion, natural disasters, Uncertain factors such as wars pose a serious threat to the power supply mode and smooth operation of large power grids; key users such as data centers, communication base stations, hospitals, banks, and special scenarios have prominent power security issues. The emergence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020 has also highlighted the need for flexible, fast and reliable power supply in emergencies. The uncertain factors and accumulated negative effects in the large-scale power grid power supply system have seriously threatened national energy security and the healthy development of society.  There is an urgent need to pay close attention to and put forward practical solutions

The Development of Fuel Cell Distributed Power Generation Technology is an Important Way to Ensure the Safety of Energy Supply

The development of new distributed power generation technology, the promotion of off-grid independent power generation and grid-connected peak shaving are important ways to construct a modern energy system of "clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient", improve energy supply, and ensure energy consumption safety. However, the current coal-based power generation model has low efficiency, high noise, and high vibration, and cannot meet the actual needs of the construction of a distributed power generation system. New power generation technologies must be sought. Fuel cell is a new type of power generation technology that directly converts the chemical energy of the fuel into electrical energy through an electrochemical reaction without burning. The whole process is noise-free and vibration-free, ranging from one hundred watts to hundreds of megawatts. It can achieve high-efficiency (45~65%) direct DC power supply near the user side, eliminating the need for transmission facilities and long-distance transmission losses. It is clean, efficient, safe, and highly concealed. It is the most suitable for distributed power supply on the user side. Technology is another transformative technology in the history of energy utilization, which is strategic and disruptive. Building a distributed power generation system based on fuel cell technology is one of the best ways to improve energy supply security.

China Urgently Needs to Start and Strongly Support Fuel Cell Distributed Power Generation Technology Research

As a key link for future energy technology reserves and China’s construction of a new energy security system, fuel cells urgently need to make breakthroughs in policy direction and key core technology research, especially the development of fuel cell distributed power generation and fuel cell vehicles. Carry out research and demonstration of fuel cell distributed power generation technology in the areas of structural reforms on the energy supply side and construction of new forms of consumption, develop key core technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and firmly control national energy security in their own hands.