When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Catering Industry

wallpapers Innovation 2020-08-11

Challenges facing the catering industry

Today's catering market is not only becoming more and more competitive, but also facing the redefinition of Internet giants. Due to rising employee salaries and store rents, catering shops have to bear huge fixed expenses, especially when a severe epidemic occurs. If the catering industry is closed for more than a certain period of time, I think a large portion of catering companies, even half of catering companies, will go bankrupt. In other words, in the face of this epidemic, the national catering industry will face the test of life and death.

The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the Catering Industry

Cost-saving, product standardization, and high labor costs in the catering industry have always been big questions. Adding AI intelligence to production can not only save long-term labor costs, but also make products standardized and clean. Customized services can use big data and cloud computing to record the dining habits and preferences of each customer in the database, so that the next time the customer will have a meal, they will get a more appropriate service. Attracting customer flow and creating a high-end brand image, artificial intelligence has flooded every corner of our lives. After 90s and 00s, it can be said that they have witnessed the growth of AI. They account for 31% of the total population of the country and 73% of the national online shopping population. Curious about new things and dare to try, it is easier for them to attract their attention with AI-based catering with fresh concepts.

The Future Development Trend of Artificial Intelligence in the Catering Industry

Artificial intelligence will become an important driving force of economic development for a long time in the future. This is obvious to all. Artificial intelligence will bring promotion and marketing to the catering industry, and service sales will be integrated into a more humanized and intelligent service.