Dear Executive,

One more year has passed and we are again in that season where we ask you to play your part as Asia’s stars in IT leadership - and tell us where you are with your information setup and organisation.

Much has changed in the past 12 months, and more developments are expected. What do you think will be impacting your priorities moving forward, the shape of your IS organisation, and the way your business will run in the coming years?

The following have been tipped by various sources as major areas of development and deployment in the near to long term, those expected to transform our world as we know it. Some are very familiar and have been on this questionnaire (below) for years, some less so and may be seen in this year’s questionnaire. The key question as you read this list is: What do they mean to you?

> Big Data
> Cloud Computing
> the Constantly Changing User Interface
> Convergence of Communications
> the Growing Global Digital Economy
> Information Security
> the Internet of Things
> Mobility
> Social Networks
> Sustainable (Green) IT

Again: What do they mean to you? Please tell us, by filling out this survey questionnaire. As you well know, this survey serves as a barometer of actual IT implementation and future IT investment planning by enterprises in Asia - as led by executives like you. As such, your input is valuable and important to this study. In return, you will be among the first we send the finished report that comes out of our study, which will give you a composite picture of the state of enterprise IT across the region, as well as detailed views into major global movements in IT deployment that you are either part of or about to enter.

I thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to bringing you the results of the IT Nation 2013 study in the March - April 2012 edition of MIS Asia.

The closing date for your responses is December 14, 2012.
This survey is only open to senior IT executives of user organisations and qualified subscribers of MIS Asia.

Teng Fang Yih
Editor, MIS Asia

The survey has ended.