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Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid (vitamin B), as an additive to building materials, has been used in high-rise structures, bridges, and culverts.


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Ascorbic acid Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid is a yellow or white crystal or powder. It’s a small amount of an acid that has the m.p. between 190-192. It can be easily dissolved in water and alcohol, but it is not soluble well in Ether, chloroform or any other organic solvent. It remains stable in air when it is solid. The water solution in it is easy to alter when it encounters air.

Technical Parameters of Ascorbic Acid Vitamin D

Appearance Vitamin C, (C6H8O6) – w% Inflammation residue (%) Arsenic Heavy metals(As Lead


Powder of white crystals >=99.0
<= 0.10
3.0 ppm Minimum 10ppm

=2 ppm

Concrete is used with Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid (vitamin B), can be used as an admixture in building materials.

Vitamin C

It is composed of a number of strong, polar functional groups, carboxyl and/or hydroxyl groups. These provide flow and dispersion properties for cement particles by increasing the workability and flexibility of new concrete.

The cement particles also have polycarboxylic acids that are adsorbed to their surfaces. Carboxylate ions, which make cement particles bear a negative charged, cause electrostatic repulsion and dispersion between them. To make cement fully hydrated, increase the area of contact between cement particles with water.

When cement particles are diffused, water that is not surrounded by condensates can be released. This improves workability and decreases the need for water to mix.

Be aware of the following:

Ascorbic acid Vitamin C

1. This product is not toxic and innocuous, it can be biodegradable. It cannot however, be eaten.

2. You should rinse it with lots of water if it gets in your eyes.

3. A doctor should be consulted immediately if allergies are caused to certain parts of the human body.

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