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High Purity Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 Powder CAS 12037-29-5,99.9%

Praseodymiumoxide is a black, powdery substance with the molecular form Pr6O11. It is insoluble in water. However, it can be dissolved in acid to create trivalent salts. High electrical conductivity.
Purity: 99.9%

Particle Size: -100 Mesh


Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 Powder


Praseodymium oxide

Is an inorganic chemical that is not soluble in water.

Praseodymium oxide


It is


. It is composed of cubic fluorite and it is the most stable form at room temperature or pressure.

The crystal structure Pr6O11 has been determined using XRD and TEM as well as SEM. You can consider it the anoxic form (IV) of praseodymiumoxide (Pro2) where the Prion exists in the mixed-valence state (Pri(III) or Pr(IV). This gives the oxide useful catalytic properties.

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Praseodymium Oxide price


Praseodymium Oxide Praseodymium Oxide Praseodymium Oxide Praseo11 Powder Performance:

Praseodymiumoxide is a white powder with the chemical composition Pr6O11. Praseodymiumoxide is insoluble and soluble in water.

Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 powder Technical Parameter

Product name MF Purity Size of the particle Melting Point Density The color of the sky
Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 99.9% -100 Mesh 2042 6.88 g/cm3 Black

It is simple.

Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 Powder


Praseodymium-oxide nanoparticles can be produced using solid-state techniques such as thermal degradation, molten sodium, calcination and precipitation. Most of these processes include a calcination step in order to produce crystal Pr6O11 particles.


Praseodymium OH (NO3)3*6H2O] is usually heated to make praseodymium IV (III) oxide in an atmosphere at higher temperatures. Other organic precursors, such as praseodymium (NO3)3*6H2O] or oxalic acids and malonic acid have also been synthesized, though this is less frequently reported.

Preparation methods, including calcination, solgel and precipitation have a strong impact on the physical properties of nanoparticles. ).


Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 Powder


Praseodymium Oxide is most commonly used for building and everyday ceramics.

Mixed with the colored glaze is ceramic glaze and praseodymium oxide. They can also be used separately as underglaze colors. It is a pure yellow pigment that is elegantly simple.

For permanent magnets, praseodymiumoxid is used.

To make permanent magnet materials, you can use cheap metal instead of pure metal. The oxygen resistance, mechanical properties, and processing capabilities of the metal have been significantly enhanced.

Praseodymium is a widely-used component in many electronic devices and motors.

In the catalytic cracking petroleum, praseodymiumoxid is also employed.

Praseodymium Oxide Pr6O11 powder storage conditions:

Weakened powders can cause Pr6O11 to disperse less efficiently and have poor use results. The praseodymiumoxid should therefore be kept in vacuum bags and kept in dry, cool areas. Pr6O11 should not be exposed to stress.

Packaging and Shipping Praseodymium Oxide Praseodymium Oxide Pra6O11 Powder –

There are many options for packing, which all depend on the amount of praseodymium powder Pr6O11.

Praseodymium oxide Pr6O11 powder packing:

You can vacuum pack 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.

Praseodymium oxide Pr6O11 powder shipping:

This could be done by express, air or sea as soon as payment is received.

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Praseodymium Oxide Powder Properties

Other Titles
Hexapraseodymium undecaoxide, Praseodymiun undecaoxide,

Praseodymium(III,IV) Oxide


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Brown Powder to Black Powder

Melting Point

Boiling Point

6.5 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Exact mass


Praseodymium Oxide Powder Health & Safety Information

Signal word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety statements

Transport Information
NONH on all transport modes

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