High Purity Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy Powder

Aluminium scandium intermediate alloy is a high performance aluminum alloy that can refine and raise the recrystallization temperature, improve the strength, and significantly increase weldability.

About Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy : Al-Sc alloy is a high-performance aluminum alloy. High-performance aluminum alloys can be made in many different ways. Research on high-performance aluminium alloys has advanced to the point where microalloying hardening or toughening remains a frontier area. A successful mixture of aluminum metal and scandium is Scandium aluminum alloy. It is a transitional metal that is silvery-white and often lists as an element of rare earth (REE), along with yttrium and the 15 lanthanides (La). Scandium can be alloyed into aluminum to increase its strength and other desirable qualities. Scandium can reduce the risk of excessive grain growth in the aluminum-affected area of welds. Designerstudiostore is trusted worldwide Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy supplier. You can send us an inquiry to learn more about our latest products. Prices starting at Al-Sc Alloy Anytime.

Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al Sc Alloy's Product Performance :

Aluminium scandium intermediate alloy is a high performance aluminum alloy that can refine and enhance the as-cast-alloy grains. This will increase strength and toughness, and also improve weldability.

It is simple. Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy Produced?
Al-Sc is made by preparing the master alloy. Here's how you prepare it:
Preparation anhydrous scandium chlorineide molten Salt
1. Vacuum dehydration
Hydrochloric Acid: Dissolve the SC2O3 and then mix it with SC2O3 NaCl:KCl:NH4Cl. Evaporation, vacuum removal.
2.Dehydrate at a medium temperature
Vacuum dehydration results in the formation of molten salt. It is heat treated with argon and made into anhydrous scandium chloride.
Al-Mg/Sc Master Alloy Preparation
For industrial purity aluminum or magnesium, use ampere proportional heat melting. Addition of SCCl3 *NaCl*KCl and other additives for smelting, casting and aluminum, magnesium, scandium master alloys.

Applicaciones Scandium Aluminum Alloy Al-Sc Alloy :
For small components of the aerospace industry, scandium aluminum alloys can be used. Scandium content in small aerospace components is typically 2%. Scandium is a substance that inhibits excessive grain growth in the zone affected by heat. Scandium can increase strength and reduce grain size. SC-Al is used in some sporting equipment such as baseball bats and lacrosse sticks.
Scandium can help make aluminum more strong.
The weldability of the Scandium Aluminum Alloy is superior
During extrusion, the grain structure of the grains remains unchanged
Combining it with zirconium makes it more stable at high temperatures.
A small amount of scandium can improve the grain refinement in aluminum alloy and raise the recrystallization temperature by 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Scandium, an aluminum alloy grain refiner and effective inhibitor of recrystallization, is strong. The alloy has significant microstructure changes and improved properties.
Scandium can disperse aluminum well and has an excellent strengthening effect.
Scandium's inhibition of recrystallization may eliminate recrystallization structures in the heat-affected zones of the weld. You can transfer the subcrystalline structure from the matrix directly to the as cast structure of the weld seam. This makes the welded joint made of aluminum alloys that contain scandium stronger and less susceptible to corrosion.
Scandium's corrosion resistance is also affected due to refinement and inhibiting the recrystallization process. Scandium may make an aluminum alloy more malleable. Superplastic treatment can increase the length of aluminum alloys containing 0.5% scandium to around 1100%.
After Al-Li, an aluminum alloy that contains scandium is now the most efficient high-performance alloy structure material. Scandium aluminum alloy is widely used in many high-tech areas, including shipbuilding, aerospace and rocket missiles, nuclear energy, and other fields. On the basis of existing aluminum alloy, it is possible to create a number of new high performance aluminum alloys.

Storage condition of Scandium aluminum alloy Al-Sc alloy
Al-Sc Alloys will suffer from damp reunion, which can affect their dispersion performance. Al-Sc should not be exposed to stress.

Shipping and Packing of Scandium Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Al -Sc
You can choose from a variety of packages depending on your amount of scandium aluminum alloy.
Scandium aluminum alloy Al-Sc alloy packing: You can vacuum pack 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.
Scandium aluminum alloy Al-Sc alloy shipping: You can have your order shipped by sea or air as soon as you receive payment.

Scandium Alumium Alloy Properties

Other Titles AlSc. ScAl. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Sc.Al. Scdium Aluminum. Sc.Al Powder.
Compound Formula Sc-Al
Molecular Weight 71.93
Appearance Metallic
Melting Point 655
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.7 g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Massachusetts 71.937451

Safety & Health Information

Signal word Danger
Hazard Statements H228-H261
Hazard Codes F
Risk Codes N/A
Safety statements N/A
Transport Information UN3077 3/

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