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3 tips for negotiating the salary you deserve

Sharon Florentine | June 22, 2016
Successfully negotiating a starting salary or for a raise comes down to being able to prove three things: your accomplishments, your achievements and your value.

"An advertising job in New York City will pay very differently than the same role in, say, Des Moines. If you have a target salary in mind that you think is fair based on your value and your research, put your target salary number a bit higher than that -- but nothing completely over-the-top -- and, hopefully, the final number agreed on will wind up being your initial target," she says.

Salary is based on value and contribution to the company, combined with the "going rate" for your particular skills and experience in your geographic region, as well as the specific perks and benefits you receive at your job -- for example, you may be willing to accept a lower salary if you're able to work from home, or if you have flexible schedules. If you aren't successful at negotiating a monetary raise, Varelas says, perhaps there are other options you can ask for: stock, executive benefits, financial counseling, flex time, increased vacation time, for example.

"Knowing the impact you can have on an organization from what you have done in the past and the concrete measurements you have, will help you set and get the compensation you want. Every organization has average salaries. Show that you aren't an average contributor and lead the way to the best package for the highest contributions," Varelas says.


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