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8 tips for job hunting while you're still employed

Rich Hein | Feb. 13, 2013
Job hunting while you're still working in your current position can be a double-edged sword. Candidates who are employed are typically more attractive to employers. However, it can be dangerous. Learn what it takes to balance your current job and your career search--without getting cut.

Selling Your Personal Brand is Easier When Employed

For whatever psychological or analytic reason, employers prefer to hire someone who is currently working. "You are perceived as more desirable by potential employers and you are in a stronger negotiating position. In fact, some employers harbor a 'secret' bias against hiring unemployed people," says Burns.

Lilly agrees, "The advantage is the perception that someone wants them. An unemployed candidate will only have an advantage if the position really needs to be filled immediately and he/she has the right skills."

Put Yourself in the Best Position

"Even though 'global job shortfall' is at epidemic proportions, the most talented will always have options," says West. If you're working and thinking about moving on, make sure you've done all your homework and put yourself in the best position to get the job you want before leaving.

At the same time, it's important to stay focused and productive at your current job. The best employees always strive to finish strong and leave on a positive note. Do the job you are being paid to do to the best of your ability. It is only in your best interest and can make finding a job that much easier.


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