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Career Watch: A debunker of H-1B claims

Jamie Eckle | April 9, 2013
Computer science professor Norm Matloff is a longtime critic of the H-1B program.


1. Project manager
2. Business analyst
3. Other IT
4. QA tester
5. Technical recruiter


1. Software engineer
2. Systems administrator
3. Project manager
4. IT management
5. Application developer

Dice is careful to note that it cannot be determined from the results of its survey whether women and men gravitate to different jobs by choice or whether they are steered by institutional bias. But the online tech careers service did take a closer look at the results when it became apparent that women's average salaries increased by a bit over $2,000 from 2011 to 2012 while men's rose by over $5,000. Dice's statisticians concluded that that large differential was also position-driven: Positions more frequently held by men (such as IT management and engineer) had higher raises than those more frequently held by women (such as business analysts and project managers).

Average Salary by Sex


• 2011: $85,484 • 2012: $87,527


• 2011: $90,771 • 2012: $95,929

And the survey also found that women in IT were slightly more satisfied with their compensation than men:

Very or Somewhat Satisfied

• Women: 58% • Men: 56%

Source: Dice Salary Survey of 15,049 employed technology professionals, fall 2012


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