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Career Watch: New-job remorse

Jamie Eckle | Feb. 13, 2013
Have you ever regretted taking a new job right after you started?

Answering your question requires a bit of understanding of the range of your software-centered skills, so my first reaction is to suggest that you likely already have an answer to the question based on what you enjoy most. I'm inclined to think that the answer to your question should start with an evaluation of your passions first and how they align with real or perceived hot technology areas.

While there are plenty of articles emphasizing trends in BYOD, security, predictive analytics, SharePoint, cloud computing, social networking and many more, take the time to consider your interests first. By way of example, in my work with CIOs in the technology community, I'm often asked to help those in transition. The conversation typically starts by asking, "If you could work anywhere or for anyone, where or who might that be?" We then discuss how to move toward that objective. In your case, you should decide whether you're pursuing a technology simply because it's the current fad or because you can really see yourself working with it for the next 20 years.


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