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CEO paychecks: Winners and losers

Ann Bednarz | June 17, 2013
Our analysis of 49 tech CEO pay packages shows Apple's Tim Cook taking the biggest hit, Michael Dell getting one of the biggest bumps.

At the small end of the salary spectrum, three CEOs landed in the $1 salary club: Google's Page, Oracle's Ellison, and HP CEO Meg Whitman. The gesture had little impact on Ellison's total compensation, valued at $96.1 million. Whitman earned a pay package worth $15.4 million, despite forfeiting a salary.

High-Flyer Perks
CEO perks are on the decline across all industries. In the Hay Group Study, nearly every perquisite declined in prevalence, with one notable exception: personal use of company aircraft. Not only was it the most prevalent perk, but also it was the only perk to remain flat year-over-year at 65%. The perk most eliminated was tax gross-ups on perquisites, which fell in prevalence from 26% to 13%.

Within tech, personal use of the corporate aircraft remained a fairly popular perk in 2012. Some of the biggest beneficiaries are: Time Warner Cable's Britt ($402,622 for personal aircraft usage); Comcast CEO Brian Roberts ($349,683); IBM CEO Ginny Rometty ($304,376); Level 3's Crowe ($287,323); and Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm ($286,882).

Perquisites weren't part of the plan for any of these tech CEOs, whose pay extras were minimal to nonexistent: Google's Page ($0); Paul Sagan of Akamai ($0); Aruba's Orr ($0); Jerry Kennelly of Riverbed ($576); John McAdam of F5 ($600); and Tom Georgens of NetApp ($750).

Among the offbeat perks received by tech CEOs are these quirky extras:

* Brocade paid for an electric car charging station for CEO Michael Klayko, who retired in early 2013.

* IBM paid $1 million to renovate and staff an office for retired CEO Sam Palmisano.

* Motorola Solutions made a $1.5 million donation to Rutgers University to name an endowed chair in honor of its CEO, Greg Brown.


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