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CIO Conference: Shifting Roles

Tao Ai Lei & T.C. Seow | March 28, 2012
Some 150 industry leaders gathered at Singapore’s Marriott Hotel last March for the CIO Conference to deliberate on the current hot IT issues.

Gen Y in Our Midst
Organisations cannot ignore the needs, desires and attitudes of the tech-savvy Generation Y (Gen Y), as they compete for talent in the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce, said Chau Chee Chiang, CIO of Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore.

Chau noted that the Gen Y workforce wants to access data and applications from anywhere, as well as to collaborate easily with colleagues and customer, and not be constricted by the choice of tools – whether it be smart phones, tablets or laptops.

This has led to the emergence of a new world office culture, with dynamic team structures, and less focus on individual. This new culture is marked by virtual workspaces, with an increased use of mobile technologies and instant office, and IT needs aligned to business value.

Chau Chee Chiang
Chau Chee Chiang

“Team structures are more dynamic, aligning IT to business is a big deal, and we can’t stop the introduction of Gen-Y workers to the workforce. Data by SingStats (Department of Statistics Singapore) shows that by 2015, 30 percent of our colleagues will be Gen Y and younger, said Chau. “They [are the ones] always taking pictures before they eat, and will tweet and [update their] Facebook [accounts] before crossing the road.”

He posited that solutions for the future workplace need to allow workers to showcase, connect and engage, requiring a Smarter Office that provides a pervasive and highly integrated communications and productivity system, as well as a versatile workplace that connects a hyper-mobile workforce.

Another important focus is the use of knowledge management tools, or a Knowledge Treasury that allows rapid staff learning, sharing and retaining of knowledge, and next-generation ICT Infrastructure Services built for agility, able to support a variety of consumer technologies.

Securing Outbound Data
“Is the ‘outbound information’ from your Web and cloud portals really safe?” was the pointed question posed by Wong Onn Chee, director at Infotect Security. According to Wong, “outbound information” is weakest link in corporate IT systems today. Customer information is frequently leaked from the web portal, and defaced web pages are available on the Internet, and infected web pages are infecting visitors to corporate websites.

He offered some little known facts, like how data privacy regulations forbid organisations from leaking customer information from websites, which can result in millions of dollars in fines. Another is how data leakage from the cloud, and not data leakage into the cloud, is one of the top three obstacles blocking widespread cloud adoption.

Wong Onn Chee
Wong Onn Chee


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