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For tech staffers, working remotely requires more than Wi-Fi and a desk

Fred O'Connor | June 7, 2012
Web services, VoIP and other technology may have turned any place with an Internet connection into an office and decreased the importance of an IT professional's location, but a range of factors contribute to how enterprise telecommuting policies are developed and who should untether from the traditional workplace, said IT executives and staffing professionals.

Cullen thinks telecommuting is a perk and sees employers preferring that their staff work onsite. Companies understand the need to offer schedule flexibility to attract and retain talent and have created policies that apply to all departments. However, even employees who can telecommute aren't totally exempt from not going to the office.

"There's the expectation that at least for part of the week you're onsite," he said. "Its not this completely offsite mindset."

Companies want employees who can work in their environment and have turned down applicants who want employers to meet their schedules. He suggests a uniform corporate telecommuting policy instead of making individual exceptions.

There are still benefits to coworkers gathering around the office water cooler, he said.

"There's a lot of value to that camaraderie," said Cullen. "You're having discussions then and there to solve problems."


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