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Hiring managers say online video speeds up the interview process

Kristen Lamoreaux | Feb. 3, 2014
Pre-recorded interview questions-and the resulting answers-can give hiring managers a head start on selecting job candidates

With over 800 locations in 50 states, Fabrizio likes how HR can simply forward a pre-screen video link to interviewers. "It's really a win-win for all parties involved: It lowers costs for HR, it saves time for the candidates, and reduces travel time. But what really excites me is that it enhances the selection process."

Fabrizio is a fan of the pre-recorded interview questions. "It shortens the hiring cycle since it weeds out the candidates that look good on paper but are a bust in person."

Yes, there are security and network bandwidth issues to consider with these online interviewing systems. But here's some food for thought: I contacted over a dozen companies using or considering these types of interviewing tools. All were very excited about the speed-to-hire improvements and ease of use. But in many cases, the CIOs of those companies were completely unaware that HR had already gone out and secured the service.


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