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Hong Kong professionals motivated by money

Anuradha Shukla | March 9, 2015
Findings from Hudson’s 2015 hiring report.

Hong Kong professionals are motivated by money, according to a new report by Hudson that surveyed over 243 professionals and hiring managers across Hong Kong.

Compensation is a key influencer for job seekers today with 69% of respondents naming higher salary and 52% citing better benefits for new positions.

56% of the respondents choose work life balance as the top priority when seeking a new role.

This percentage indicates that these professionals give importance to achieving optimal balance between work and family life.

"Work life balance is becoming increasingly important globally and we are finally seeing this sentiment come to the fore here in Hong Kong," said Hudson Asia managing director, Tulika Tripathi. "Hong Kong professionals want flexibility in their work so they can fit in vital parts of their life: family, home commitments and leisure."

Cultural fit

51% of job seekers in Hong Kong identified cultural fit as a key consideration, which is slightly ahead of career progression at 50%.

88% of professionals in Hong Kong are open to being approached about a new job opportunity, 82% have an up-to-date CV and 48% have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

90% of hiring managers agree that they need to look beyond active job seekers to find the right candidate.

44% of the respondents cited online job boards and 36% said recruitment agencies are the most effective sourcing strategy for Hong Kong hiring managers.

36% of hiring managers look to social media when evaluating a candidate and 69% of professionals are comfortable with their online footprint.

"This report clearly conveys that great hiring is about people and it's about using multiple channels - from personal networks to recruiters to social media," added Tripathi.



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