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How to use social media to improve your IT recruiting strategy

Sharon Florentine | March 18, 2014
Social media is ubiquitous in today's digital world, so you can bet your next star employee is out there sharing, liking and tweeting. Here's how to leverage social networking technology to effectively target and recruit IT candidates.

"You want someone who's well-versed in traditional marketing practices, but also someone who understands how candidates interact with companies and respond to engagement online," Samuelson says. "So, there should be a little bit of human psychology thrown in as well."

Whoever's in charge of the social media strategy should have experience responding to customers, both when feedback and inquiries are positive and when they are negative - you always want to put forward a professional, but approachable corporate image," Samuelson says.

"With so many people using social media, you have to understand not everyone's using the same networks. It can vary by industry." — Kimberly Samuelson, Laserfiche

"You should establish rules of engagement. Determine who will post content and respond to questions, what topics will be discussed, what the turnaround time is for responses, how many times a day you will post content, what tools you will use to post content, and what candidates would want to learn about your company," Seven Step RPO's Berkowitz says.

Getting Social Can Shorten the Hiring Cycle
One of the best reasons to integrate social media into your overall recruiting, application and hiring process is that it can shorten the process, says Berkowitz.

Social media not only allows your business to find candidates and generate leads faster, but allows for a direct connection to candidates who may want to work for the company, even if they're not actively searching for a new position.

"Social media also helps to build a network of connections that includes both passive and active candidates. And since this network of candidates is constantly evolving; there is always a chance of someone being qualified for a position," Berkowitz says.

Use Data and Analysis to Recruit
Another benefit of social media technology is that it's easy to manage and monitor your progress and analyze what's working and what isn't. Tracking your social media efforts to see where successful candidates are coming from and what drew them to your company.

"Statistics like number of hires, increases in followers or page 'likes,' and number of shares and responses can all help to tailor your social recruitment strategy and make improvements where needed," he says.

Go Where Your Candidates Are
Though Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most well-known, don't discount other social media outlets, says Laserfiche's Samuelson. As is the case with almost any new technology, social media is very much about deciding what's the best fit for each company, leveraging what works and discarding what doesn't, she says.

"With so many people using social media, you have to understand not everyone's using the same networks. It can vary by industry. performed a survey that showed one of the fastest-growing social media sites was Instagram. That could make a lot of sense for companies with a design, photography, architecture or travel focus, for instance, but it's all about which technology and platforms you can use to drive engagement, loyalty, and better business responses," Samuelson says.


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