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Innovators: 'They are not smarter than the rest of us or have access to a special part of the brain'

Divina Paredes | June 24, 2014
'...They just do things differently.' James O'Loghlin, host of TV show The New Inventors, distils the key traits that set innovators apart

In order to break out of habitual thinking, he suggested people question everything -- "You will find opportunities to make things better."

"Think like a customer," he said. He cited one store owner who goes to his shop once a week as a customer. He lets the staff open the store, and enters the shop as a customer. Each time he sees little things to improve in his store.

He said innovators are also more determined and value their ideas. "They keep going and see what happens."

Value your ideas, he said. "Treat them like balloons, blow them up as big as they get before you criticise them."

Organisation can also encourage people to come up with innovative ideas and create systems and processes, and use them.

"Make it clear it is part of their job. Make it a KPI," he said. "Make it clear it is everyone's responsibility."

Have an email address where employees can send their ideas. Thank them for the effort and the courage to put it to you. Don't judge it straight away, he says.


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