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IT pros hiring heats up in Hong Kong (Part 2)

Sheila Lam | March 6, 2012
Staff turnover is inevitable in 2012.

3. Long-standing professional relationships

Do you show interest in your colleagues, the people on your team and the people you report to? Do you demonstrate that you care about their well-being, even taking the time to help improve it? Do you stay in contact with people you once worked closely with?

Do you have a pattern of exchanging help and guidance with such people? Are your relationships--in the IT profession, in the broader business world and in the vendor community--constructive and positive? Hiring managers will want to know these things so they can weed out those who are poor at relationship building.

4. Work-life balance

Believe it or not, the person who is consumed by career will be passed over in favor of the one who is more balanced. That is because it is now generally recognized that steadily productive and innovative contributors take care of themselves, their family and their professional needs in proper proportion. They demonstrate personal development. They also establish exemplary standards of behavior as a kind of team value proposition.

What else could you possibly need?

Just this: Believe in yourself. If you have well-grounded faith in your qualifications and ability to meet the challenge before you, chances are you will be unanimously chosen over an otherwise identically qualified candidate. Employers know this quality when they encounter it, and they value it highly enough that it can make up for otherwise less-than-perfect qualifications. Why? Because nothing turns out exactly as planned. When surprises crop up, employers know, the best results are going to come about when they have put someone with self-belief in charge of the challenge.

You have it. Let it come through.

-- Al Kuebler was CIO for AT&T Universal Card, Los Angeles County, Alcatel and McGraw-Hill and director of process engineering at Citicorp. He is now a consultant in general management and IT issues.


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