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Meet the virtual woman who may take your job

Patrick Thibodeau | Oct. 12, 2015
Cognitive systems are becoming a part of the workforce.

Dube won't assign an IQ to Amelia because "there is a component of IQ which is creative thinking. She would not do well on that." But for the things she has learned, "she will execute flawlessly," he said.

Reasoning involves coming up with newer things that you haven't come up with before, Dube said. But he believes the science "is on the boundaries" of reasoning.

Siri is in a different league. It is a virtual personal assistant that doesn't do mortgage processing, loan origination or insurance underwriting -- tasks that Amelia can accomplish. "Siri does the administrative task that a secretary would do," Dube said.

Dube said machines will quickly take over a large section of jobs, certainly all mundane chores, and people will have to retool themselves for jobs that require more creative thinking. "That is the zone where man must move to," he said.

Amelia, whose image is based on a University of Southern California student, also provides a preview into how these machines may evolve to become human companions.

In the next decade, Dube said, you will pass somebody in a corridor and won't be able to tell if it is a woman or android. These machines "will take care of all the ordinary chores, and they will respond with complete empathy to you," he said.


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