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Occupy the Enterprise

F.Y. Teng | Feb. 23, 2012
The state of the IT Nation through 2012 is good. All across Asia, exciting moves are underway, imminent or simply inevitable. Here is the report—in numbers.

The latest edition of our annual IT Nation study was conducted through the last few weeks of 2011. Work behind it involved the survey of information and communication technology leaders across Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. These IT decision makers of user organisations came from across the entire spectrum of sectors/industries; among the key ones were the Public Sector, Financial Services, Transport and Logistics and Manufacturing.

So have our IT/IS divisions here in Asia stepped up and gained greater respect as the single most important working part of their respective organisations? And have their leaders earned their rightful place as key participants in corporate boardroom discussions? They have occupied the enterprise in more ways than one. They may not, in numbers, represent 99 percent of their respective organisations, but the services they and their teams provide power more than 99 percent of operations at their organisations. Now is the time for them to get acknowledgement for that.

Have they? Perhaps the major findings below will tell us how well they are doing going down that road.

IT Investment and Expenditure
The good news is the (marginal) majority of respondents–50.85 percent–expect their organisation’s overall expenditure to increase in 2012.

Perennial concerns dominate the top of priority lists for our respondents across Asia.

In response to the question, “What actions do you expect to take directly in response to current economic conditions?” the answers in order of priority were: cut costs and optimise efficiency of existing systems; foster and/or create more innovation; implement new projects; establish and/or maintain stronger partnership with vendors; and, restructure IT service agreements.

The respondents’ top five areas of focus in IT through 2012 are (in order of importance): automate more business processes; improve customer satisfaction; improve information security; make my enterprise more agile; and, better manage regulatory compliance. The top five areas they expect to put more money into in 2012 are (again in order of importance): new application development and implementation; hardware infrastructure; network infrastructure; security and risk management; and, IT governance and compliance.

As for spending in 2012, the highest number of votes went to the maintenance of their level of investment in most areas. Where we should expect no change in their expenditure levels are: Business Continuity Planning; Customer Relationship Management; Data Warehousing; Enterprise Content Management; Enterprise Resource Planning; Green IT; IT Service Management; Knowledge Management; Open Source Platform and Development; Outsourcing; Public Cloud Computing; Private Cloud Computing; Software-as-a-Service; Unified Communications; and, Web 2.0.

On the upside, the majority of respondents (53.39 percent) intend to increase their spending in Virtualisation, and Information Security and Risk Management (55.08 percent). Increased allocation of IT budgets are also expected in Business Intelligence, at least for 46.19 percent of respondents, and work in IT Consolidation for 47.88 percent.

Major IT Initiatives
In answer to the question, Has there been a change in the way your organisation deems the importance of Green IT in 2011? 40.68 percent of respondents said, No change.


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