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Recruiting elusive unicorn digital talent

Sarah K. White | Sept. 6, 2016
Finding the right talent in the tech industry can get competitive -- especially for ‘digital unicorns,’ who help companies leverage their business success.

A different definition

Another thing to consider is that each company is searching for that one unique person who will fit into their environment -- so what might account for a "unicorn talent" to one company might be completely different to another. It really all depends on your business' unique needs. For example, Katharine Zaleski, president and co-founder of PowertoFly says that she feels the real unicorns, at least when it comes to tech talent, are women.

"The reality is that in tech, having a team with less than 20 percent women on it is considered normal. With more and more studies showing that diversity, let alone gender diversity, is the key to higher team performance, it's a no brainer to invest in hiring more women," she says.

Zaleski says at her company, part of their hiring strategy includes recruiting female engineers, coders, developers and other women working in technology to help increase diversity within the company. The more diverse the team leads to "more creativity and innovation in the workplace," she says.

Think about how you recruit

If you're looking for specific talent, you should keep that in mind when writing your job descriptions, says Zaleski. When her company wants to encourage diverse candidates to apply, they make sure to avoid any alienating language. For example, if you want more women in your company, avoid using language such as "we are looking for superman," she says.

You may also consider keeping job requirements to a minimum -- because plenty of applicants might consider these "must have's" and opt not to apply to the job based off that one little list in the description. Or, the list of job requirements might even seem too stifling to someone interested in having a more flexible role in the company, and you don't want to turn them off from applying either.

"Think about how that [job] posting is also creating a passive pipeline of talent beyond that single opening. For larger companies committed to diversity and inclusion, we work with them on employer branding and offer a concierge service that ensures they're not just finding talent that's a cultural fit, but that they're communicating to the talent why they are a place that will welcome them," she says.


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