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SDN adoption puts DevOps pros in high demand

Sharon Florentine | Oct. 18, 2013
The shift toward network automation and virtualisation offered by Software Defined Networks will increase demand for DevOps professionals. If you have both technical expertise and business acumen, you may soon have new IT career options.

Those decisions are unique to the needs of each business, but Citrix's Shah notes that these hard questions can lead to some hard decisions.

"You may have to let people go in order to add new folks with the right skills. You may have to look long and hard, and spend more money to find experienced DevOps people, because you're looking at folks with a programmer's salary and with senior experience," he says.

You also must remember that DevOps folks need to be involved in higher-level business decisions so they can create software and automation processes that can act in concert with or react quickly to changing business requirements, he says.

The bottom line is that both businesses and technology professionals must accept and adapt to the new landscape of an automated data center, including SDNs, says Marko.

In this sense, the advent of SDNs follows the trajectory of other disruptive IT technologies.

"Server administrators had to learn virtualization technologies. Networking guys are going to have to do the same, now," Marko says. "While there's still some value in these high-level, specialized networking skill sets, these professionals are going to have to adapt to whatever new skills are necessary, or be out of a job," he says.


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