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Singapore sees an increase in people taking on multiple jobs: Regus survey

Zafirah Salim | March 11, 2015
Working habits are also shifting globally as both employers and employees seek more flexible working styles.

The working landscape is changing globally, as the number of people holding down more than one job at a time is on the rise, according to a recent Regus survey.

Polling over 22,000 business professionals across 100 countries worldwide in July 2014, the online survey aimed to find out respondents' attitudes and approaches to work. 

Out of 292 Singapore respondents, slightly more than half of them (58 percent) were revealed to be "portfolio job holders", which is defined as workers who hold more than one job concurrently. In addition to this, half of the global respondents reported seeing a surge in "portfolio job holders" as compared to five years ago.

The Regus report reasoned that economic volatility may have driven a large proportion of workers to look for stability by diversifying. Besides this, 82 percent of Singaporean respondents noted that the growing trend for outsourcing might also be another factor. Outsourcing drives an increase in freelance and contract work, fueling the multi-job market as a result.

The nature of these people's working style requires an equally flexible outlook on work location as they are no longer bound to a single main office to carry out their tasks. In fact, to avoid conflict between different roles, they are likely to require independent third party-hosted locations where they can carry out their work professionally, productively and in full privacy.

The high proportion of today's global business people reporting the same pattern is a clear indication that work habits are shifting with both employers and employees seeking more flexible ways of operating. This is further supported by the report's finding that having to work regular hours is now considered to be a limitation by 73 percent of workers saying that these are not suited to their duties.

"The days where holding down one job for life was the norm have gone by. Working habits are changing radically, as increasing numbers of people across the globe take on more than one job at a time," said Paul MacAndrew, country manager of Regus Singapore. "The flexible nature of this new working style requires an equally flexible take on location with third-party, professional locations providing a cost-effective solution to changing needs.

"There are many reasons for this change, but certainly it suits many businesses as it does business people, with both sides increasingly looking for more flexibility than the traditional full-time work contract may afford," he added.


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