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What it's really like to work for Apple: Surprising tales from inside Cupertino

Lou Hattersley | March 9, 2015
Apple is renowned for its secrecy, so much so that even with more than 90,000 employees there isn't much information on what it's really like to work for Apple. But in this feature we dig up the rumours, the stories from ex-employees and the research, to illustrate what makes Cupertino and its employees tick.

"Design is preeminent, it's paramount at Apple," says Lashinsky. "At Apple, it would be preposterous for a financial person to tell a designer, oh, we can't do that because it's too expensive, or we're not familiar with the kind of machines that it would take to build that. The designer would say, 'It's as if you're speaking Greek to me. I just said this is what it's going to look like. You go figure out how to make it and you figure out how to price it and how to cost it out.'"


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