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Why you need a mobile hiring strategy

Sarah K. White | Dec. 8, 2015
More job seekers are turning to mobile devices to find and apply for tech positions, but your job postings might get overlooked if they aren't optimized for smartphones.

Gear talent searches for mobile

That’s great news for companies that have optimized their job listings for mobile users. But unfortunately, a number of companies are lacking in their mobile hiring strategies. Sure, you might be posting on LinkedIn or other job boards, but you also need to consider the user experience once a job seeker gets to your native application page.

Although job seekers report that they are increasingly reliant on smartphones to apply for jobs, many are left frustrated with the user experience. The two biggest gripes reported by 47 percent of those polled revealed problems with content displaying properly in a mobile format and being able to read job content that wasn’t optimized for mobile users. Furthermore, 38 percent found it difficult to enter large blocks of text, 37 percent said it was difficult to submit files or supporting documents and 23 percent had issues bookmarking jobs to come back to later.

Ultimately, what this means for businesses, is that if they ignore their application platform, they might be missing out on key applicants who abandon the process because it isn’t optimized for mobile. “It’s really important for companies to realize that mobile should not be disregarded or considered a secondary tool, and the way to make mobile right is not simply transferring the desktop experience to the smaller screen, but creating a truly native user experience,” says Tadmor.

The takeaway

Whether it means adopting apps like Switch for the recruitment process or implementing a complete overhaul of the native application system, businesses need to take the mobile job search seriously. As more job seekers abandon desktop Web applications for mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets, companies may find their postings overlooked due to a poor user experience. At the end of the day, it can make a difference between filling positions with the best talent quickly and having postings hang around for months before the right candidate applies.


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