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Women leaders in security recognized

Joan Goodchild | May 7, 2013
Thoughts and reflections from the 2012 EWF Women of Influence winners

There are other technology ideas as well, but the above gives you one example of how we might be able to use technology to address this problem.

What valuable advice have you received along the way in your career?

Two things. First, don't worry about what other people think. I used to be very concerned about whether my colleagues, or even previous colleagues, would judge me for starting my own company -- especially if it failed. One day I realized, I want to wake up every day and do the very best job I know I can do. That is good enough for me. It doesn't matter what people think of the job I do as long as I'm proud at the end of every day.

Second, don't be afraid to fail. One thing I learned in starting my own company was that failure comes frequently. I created a mantra that I continue to live by: "Success is not measured in the quantities of your stumbles, but the quality of your recoveries." Not only does this remind me to recover well, but it reminds me to push myself enough that I fail sometimes, because without failure I can't recover.

What has your personal mission been in your career? Have your accomplishments lived up to your expectations for yourself?

Early in my career I didn't really have a mission. When I was working at eBay, though, I realized that what gave me real satisfaction was helping people. Working in security meant that I was making the world a better place and I really liked that.

Through Silver Tail I feel like I was able to expand on that mission. Where eBay protected 80M people when I was there, Silver Tail protects multiple brands. We probably protect over 1B people right now. I think that's incredible. I feel extremely fortunate to have had to opportunity to work with such amazing brands and to realize this dream for myself.

What goals have you set for yourself for the future?

I want to help get more women involved in entrepreneurship, especially technical women. As I mentioned above, the feminist movement seems to have stalled out. But we still aren't equal to men, especially in start up companies. I want to find a way to change that. Wish me luck!

Corporate Practitioner: Harriet Pearson

Harriet Pearson was one of the first chief privacy officers in the Fortune 500 and is an internationally recognized corporate privacy and data security pioneer. Previously VP Security Counsel and CPO at IBM, Harriet in 2012 became a Partner in the global law firm Hogan Lovells US LLP, where her practice focuses on counseling clients on privacy and cybersecurity. She co-chairs the inaugural 2013 Georgetown Cybersecurity Law Institute and serves on multiple advisory boards including the Future of Privacy Forum.


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