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Interview: Ken Segall

Peter Roper | Feb. 24, 2016
This wide-ranging interview with Ken Segall covers the insights on simplicity discovered while researching his second book and his concept of ‘dual DNA’ that stops simplicity being the default way of doing business… plus his thoughts on post-Jobs Apple and the rumoured car.

I think now it feels more like a big company, like, 'Well, we'd better look at a lot of options, and here are all the points we want to make'. Steve, even if we were trying to make three points, when he looked at a commercial that maybe did something entirely different, he might say, 'Oh, wow, I like that better. It doesn't do what we were saying we're going to do, but I think more people are going to pay attention to it.' I don't think they have the ability to do that now.

I have to be aware of this too. Like the rest of the world, Steve's behaviour has become sort of a legend in my mind as well, and I'm remembering this creative guy. Chances are if I went back and looked at the video tapes, I would find that he wasn't as accommodating as I'm remembering, but there were those times. We did have those debates along the way that could not have happened at other companies. He was definitely willing to entertain new ideas.

Peter Roper is the editor of Macworld Australia's sister site, where this article first appeared.


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