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Internet should be prepared for 'militarisation': UK ministry report

Stephen Bell | June 14, 2013
Stephen Bell looks at a report on cyber-conflict called The Global Cyber-Game.

Better decisions
One of the primary impacts of the internet is a global increase in the quality of decision-making because of the ease with which experts on any topic can be located and consulted. This applies equally to academic collaborations, business decisions, policy deliberations, and personal life. Though hard to quantify precisely, "the long- term impact of generally better decision-making at every level due to the ability to source expertise from anywhere in the world on an as-needed basic cannot be overstated," the academy says.

Increasing traffic
Internet traffic growth is accelerating exponentially, and according to Cisco was up 42 percent in 2011. Cisco estimates that internet traffic could grow from its 2011 level of about 300 exabytes a year to about 1300 exabytes (million terabytes) a year by 2016.

"Unfortunately the internet was not designed with the expectation of current or expected traffic levels, or security threats, and has a number of known, and no doubt unknown, vulnerabilities that make it potentially liable to sustained catastrophic outage."


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