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A day in the life of a social CIO

Matt Kapko | Sept. 11, 2015
University of Mississippi Medical Center CIO David Chou mostly sticks to the morning and evening hours for his social media efforts, but that's just one way he makes Twitter and LinkedIn work for him. Here's inside look at a day in the life of a social IT leader.

Leveraging LinkedIn for networking, career advancement 

During the past year, Chou started blogging, and he tries to regularly share ideas on LinkedIn's publishing platform. He enjoys the feedback he gets on industry-specific topics and leadership, and thinks it helps him grow personally. "Part of the reason [I blog on LinkedIn] is it forces me to really get deep into a topic and try to research it and learn as much as I can so I can really write about it," Chou says. "It's something to force myself to dig a few levels deeper on a topic of interest."

LinkedIn also effectively helps Chou make and reinforce professional connections for possible networking opportunities and career advancement. Facebook, on the other hand, is almost exclusively a personal play for Chou.

Social media advice for IT pros

Chou learned a few things from his experience on social, and he has three tips for CIOs and other IT professionals who want to sharpen their social media strategies.

First, CIOs should do everything they can to interact with their social connections. "Utilize social to drive engagement, whether it's with your peers, your staff or even your superiors," he says.

Listening is also key, and IT pros should embrace the opportunity to be sounding boards for others. "You really have to listen and see what's out there, because everyone has different perspectives," he says

Finally, CIOs should put in the necessary effort to determine how social tools work best for them, according to Chou, who suggests social can be great for recruiting, department branding or self promotion. "It does take effort and work, so it's not something you can do just because you created a Twitter account and you expect folks to just follow you," Chou says.

For Chou, social media is mostly a conduit for knowledge and a springboard to test ideas, as well as a way to connect with and engage new IT talent. For the most part, he enjoys his efforts on social — except for when he's inundated with impersonal and spammy sales pitches on LinkedIn.


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