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A look back at Steve Jobs' most colorful keynote moments

Jason Snell | June 30, 2016
During a handful of keynote presentations, Jobs... lost his cool a little bit on stage, solidifying them in Apple's keynote hall of fame. Here, Jason Snell remembers two such moments.

So, funny story. That was the last time Apple failed to attempt to provide Wi-Fi at its events. The first few times it was a little rough, but over time Apple got really good at providing enough Wi-Fi coverage that developers and members of the media could stay online during the keynote. It's sort of ridiculous that it took until 2010, and a complete failure in a Steve Jobs demo, for that to happen. But with that catastrophic Wi-Fi failure on stage, Apple gave up on its long-invalidated dream of stopping live Internet coverage of its events and decided to enable it instead.

One other Apple change of note in the aftermath of that disaster on stage: Wednesday night in the chat room for the Accidental Tech Podcast, an Apple employee who is known as the "ATP Tipster" said that the reason iOS supports ethernet is because Steve Jobs demanded it after the demo failed. "Engineering got instructions that same day," the Tipster wrote. To this day if you attach a USB adapter to an iPhone or iPad and then attach a USB-ethernet adapter to thatadapter, you can get on a wired network.

Thanks, Steve!

Source: Macworld 


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