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Airbus, Airboo

Melissa Chua | Sept. 26, 2008
Technology flopped miserably for my flight, despite that extra hour we spent in the departure hall waiting for the airline to get its act together.

Airbus A380 entertainment console

Ive yet to find out what actually happens in Vegas.

Airbus A380 entertainment console 

For the curious, that blue box says Passenger Announcement in Progress. That same box remained long after the announcement ceased. This game of bejewelled never progressed beyond 8807 points.

Airbus A380 entertainment console 

I wanted to listen to Good Morning Baltimore from the Hairspray soundtrack. Instead, I found myself vehemently wishing for time to speed up so I could say good morning Tokyo.

Numerous system resets did nothing to remedy the situation. In fact, my friends console acted up worse than ever after the reboots, with movies plain refusing to play.

Our negative experience with the in-flight entertainment system was somewhat offset by the airlines gift of a US$75 in-flight duty-free shop voucher; still, I would have liked to thumb through the multimedia.

I later found out my dampening experience onboard the A380 was not unique. Ive met at least three others onboard different Airbus A380 flights who shared my fate.

Its been almost a year since the first A380 took flight. Shouldnt the relevant authorities do something about this not-so-little problem? Technology, in this case, was called upon to make the dreary flight more bearable. Technology flopped miserably for my flight, despite that extra hour we spent in the departure hall waiting for it to get its act together.

P/S: On a brighter note, the in-flight entertainment system onboard my return flight worked perfectly. The plane was not an A380, but a humbler Boeing 777. The entertainment console did not contain the bells and whistles like that of the A380, but hey, at least technology served its purpose here.

A staff writer at Fairfax Business Media, Melissa Chua loves observing how technology penetrates the deepest corners of everyday life. She is a regular metropolitan dweller who, like most urbanites, feels lost without her staple of gadgets.


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