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ANZ CIO: 'We want to be a more open bank'

George Nott | July 5, 2016
IT chief Scott Collary is transforming ANZ's approach to tech

Although the approach to tech is changing, the core banking systems will not, said Collary, despite overhauls at ANZ's rivals. The existing CSC Hogan system was simply "not a hindrance" and would not be considered for an update until "we hit a point where it can't do something".

"We're doing all this great, cool, innovative stuff and it doesn't factor, the core, at all frankly," he says.

Cool stuff like being the first Australian bank to offer Apple Pay. There was an online and mobile banking facelift at the end of last year. An all-in-one MPOS device will be released in the coming months.

Break the stalemate

Many of those recent releases have been borne out of the Agile working methods Collary and his colleagues have brought to the bank.

"Things like Apple Pay and Android Pay, some of the new features and functionality we've rolled out on our desktops in our branchs, was all done in a more Agile environment," he says.

Agile is about changing the process end-to-end; from securing funding to building capacity, and creating a culture of continuous improvement, he says.

Digital and channels run with 'true agility' and even those groups linked to core systems can benefit from Agile ways of working. They still have kanban walls, daily stand-ups, retrospectives and collaboration. His team are working though the technology stack "picking off the things" that can benefit from automation and continuous integration.

The working environment has also been adapted to suit Agile methods. Business technology and operations teams have been brought together. Carnegie is sure to feel at home among the new pods, scrum zones, mood-lit chill-out areas and beanbags.

As Chris Venter, head of consumer digital technology, explains: "[Those offices] look very non-bank. These are the kind of things you need to attract the right kind of digital talent to an organisation like ANZ. To try and break the stalemate of the view of being a traditional bank." 

Innovation plus trust

Although innovation and agility is key, Collary says, releases have to be solid and trusted.

"Customers of the bank...they trust us with their money, they trust us with their data and they want us to keep it secure and private. And so that has to be our primary consideration. If you get too far out ahead where some of those things may not be completely locked down and trusted and understood - I think you're putting too much at risk.

"For us, we're going to be innovative, we're going to push but we're also going to keep a really strong handle on data security, privacy, fiducial responsibility. We're going to test and learn. Fail fast and fix.


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