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ANZ CIO: 'We want to be a more open bank'

George Nott | July 5, 2016
IT chief Scott Collary is transforming ANZ's approach to tech

"We're not going to put ourselves in a position to tell the customer - 'look we tried it, it worked eight out of 10 months' or '10 out of 12 months your statements were right, two they weren't right'. We can't do that, right?! As a bank you just can't say '99 out of 100 transactions are going to work. Sorry we were just trying something new.'"

'Make technology easier' for employees

Internally, ANZ is progressing well in its company-wide Windows 10 deployment. To ease the headache of time-consuming upgrades, Collary's team developed a 'push-button' update.

"[It's a] capability that allows employees, at their leisure, when it's good for them, to hit a button and two hours later the whole desktop or laptop's upgraded."

"It gets us out of this major push across 63,000 desktops that's time consuming, expensive and not always at the convenience of the employee."

More applications are being rolled out and upgraded and they're now available via an 'internal app store'.

"We've taken a 'make technology easier' approach for the staff to get them more comfortable with some of the things we're rolling out," explains Collary.

Surface Pros are also being piloted and there have been improvements to an employee app so workers can check their leave balance and time-sheets.

"In some large building we've created that 'genius bar' concept with a couple of tech folks just around the buildings where people can ask questions and find out how to use things better and if they have a problem they can be immediately taken care of right there," says Collary. "The response from the staff in those building has been fantastic."

The bank has also rewritten contracts with major suppliers to take advantage of their R&D work. ANZ were an early adopter of IBM's Watson and extended its collaboration with Big Blue with a $450 million contract in September.

Let it loose

CEO Elliott said in October: "At ANZ, building a digital bank isn't the real challenge we face. Building agile people and a supporting culture which can recognise new trends and adapt to the ever changing needs of our customers is."

The appointment of Collary seems to be on track with this aim. As Venter said of his style: "[It's] been a really great change to see Scott introduce the mindset of allowing us to take all the creativity that we've got within our teams and let it loose."

"At the end of the day, we'll be a more open bank, that's what we have to be to evolve," added Collary. "We didn't do events like this, we didn't talk openly and transparently. We want to change that."

Source: CIO Australia 


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