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Apple design guru Jony Ive receives a knighthood

Alex Veiga (via SMH) | Jan. 3, 2012
The British monarch has awarded a knighthood to Jonathan Paul (Jony) Ive, a British citizen and head of Apple's design team since the mid-'90s.

In 1992, while Jobs was still in the midst of a 12-year exile from Apple, Ive was hired as a senior designer.

After Jobs returned, he and Ive worked closely, ushering in products that are sleek and stylish, with rounded corners, few buttons, brushed aluminum surfaces and plenty of slick glass.

Apple's pride in this work is evident even in the packaging: Open up any iPhone box, for example, and see Apple proudly proclaim, "Designed by Apple in California".

Six of Ive's works, including the original iPod, are part of the collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Design, as well as software that makes the gadgets easy to use, is a crucial part of setting Apple products apart from those of its rivals. Apple didn't make the first music player or smartphone, but it dominated the market by making ones that looked cool and worked well.

Now, Apple's products are more popular than ever, vaulting it past rival Microsoft in 2010 as the most valuable technology company in the world.



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