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CIO meets mobile challenges head-on

Tom Kaneshige | July 8, 2014
In some ways, veteran CIO Sam Lamonica is an old dog learning new tricks.

Better support for Android is coming at a good time for Lamonica. He's seeing more Androids and Microsoft Windows Surface tablets making their way into the construction industry. In fact, Lamonica needed to add Surface tablets recently because certain testing apps only ran on Windows and, at one job site, it would have been politically awkward for Rosendin Electric workers to show up with iPads.

More Mobile Platforms, More Apps, More Challenges

So goes Lamonica's biggest concern: a tablet market that's becoming more diverse with more operating systems. It's going to be an ever-increasing challenge supporting all of the platforms, he says, especially as the number of mobile apps continues to grow. Rosendin Electric already has a dozen bonafide mobile apps, including the QR Code app, Material and Tool Management app and the customized AboutTime app.

What happens if another new mobile -- or perhaps wearables -- platform takes off wreaking havoc in the enterprise?

"Hopefully, I'll be retired by then," Lamonica says with a grin.


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