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CIO-NTT Technology Outsourcing Forum 2015

Zafirah Salim | March 6, 2015
More than a hundred ICT professionals in Singapore gathered on February 12 to learn more about the trends, the how's, what's and why's of IT outsourcing from industry experts.

Innovation in outsourcing
The final speaker of the day was another representative from NTT, Chris Sandoval, who is NTT's Chief Evangelist for Managed Services.

Sandoval shared various survey findings, as well as a prediction report by Gartner, that highlights the transition of IT's role from aiming to improve ICT infrastructure to improving the business itself.

During a live poll session, 29 percent of the attendees cited cost as their biggest business challenge. But from personal experience dealing with various customers over the years, Sandoval had a different opinion.

"Reducing cost is a common conversation with our customer. But from a CEO's point of view, in terms of new initiatives such as digital marketing and customer experience enhancement, cost is absolutely fine if they can help to create more business," said Sandoval.

In short, IT has begun to be a strategic partner to the business, he said, and advised the audience to "re-examine yourself as an IT partner; but if you align yourself to drive business innovation, sometimes the cost discussion becomes less important," he added.

Sandoval also talked about how businesses can leverage NTT's Global Management One (GM1) to drive value for their businesses, which provides a robust portfolio of ICT Managed Services spanning the entire ICT landscape.

"This management service platform integrates and orchestrates the whole IT system to provide a single pane of glass so that IT administrators can see the landscape from end-to-end and get a better sense of what is going on in the whole environment," said Sandoval. 

According to him, GM1 is offered globally from six service centres worldwide (with a seventh one to be launched in the US this year) and supported by over a thousand qualified engineers with 150 unique industry certifications. Customers can leverage on GM1 to complement their existing resources, address any challenges, or fully managed their day-to-day ICT operations, thereby freeing their executives to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Sandoval also shared three customer case studies to highlight how NTT has helped them with their end-to-end IT ecosystem management to address business needs and drive growth.

Value and vulnerabilities of ICT outsourcing
Concluding the forum was a panel discussion that explored the pitfalls and opportunities of ICT outsourcing. Besides Chan and Sandoval, members of the panel included Reuben Wee, CTO of Independent Data Services (Holdings) Pte Ltd; as well as Lawrence Ting, Regional Head of Datacentres and DR/BCP Manager, Global Technology Services, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking.

Together with Seow as the moderator, the panel discussed what should be outsourced and what could be managed in-house, as well as the fundamental considerations when evaluating an outsource provider, who ultimately should be selected based on long-term relationships rather than just a business arrangement. 


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