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CIOs to gain authority, better alignment with business leaders

Kenneth Corbin | Dec. 5, 2013
A measure attached to defense funding bill in Washington would consolidate government CIO organisation structure, grant new budgetary authorities that could align IT more closely with mission objectives.

"IT at the department is an intrinsic mission enabler in the organization," Trippie said.

When the Senate returns to session next week it is expected to renew consideration of the defense funding bill to which FITARA is attached as an amendment. The House also passed the measure as part of a defense bill, so passage in the Senate would send the legislation to the president's desk.

Apart from the provisions concerning individual CIOs, FITARA would broaden the role of the CIO Council to expand oversight of agencies' IT portfolios and encourage the development of government-wide standards and practices.

The bill would also codify guidelines for the federal CIO and individual agencies regarding their efforts to consolidate data centers, including requirements to report on server utilization and energy and cost savings.

FITARA includes several additional provisions aimed at eliminating duplication and waste form the federal IT budget. The bill directs the Office of Management and Budget to conduct an inventory of the IT assets of the federal government, focusing in particular on software licenses. The CIO Council would be tasked with developing government-wide guidelines for implementing cloud technologies.


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