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Digital disruption underway as 4 in 10 industry incumbents face extinction

James Henderson (Computerworld New Zealand) | June 29, 2015
The effect of digital disruption on business has the potential to overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than perhaps any force in history.

"As industries move toward the centre of the Digital Vortex, physical components - to the extent that they inhibit competitive advantage - are shed.

"The most successful disruptors employ what we refer to as 'combinatorial disruption,' in which multiple sources of value-cost, experience, and platform-are fused to create disruptive new business models and exponential gains."

Cisco says the term "Digital Vortex" describes the driving force created by digitisation across all industries and how companies are being inevitably pulled toward the centre of the phenomenon.

Wade adds that the Digital Vortex research into the challenges and opportunities posed by digital disruption is an important first step for the DBT Center in what will be a five-year journey for IMD, Cisco, and an ecosystem of other partner organisations.

Source: ARN Net


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